Dorkbeard (dorkbeard) wrote in angrypirate,

Ahr, Croppers!

Sos thar I warted wi' the bluesky abarv arn the clouds markin thar wispytrails arnd I thart back tur longagotimes wharn I lay ondeck arn tried tur make shapes all discerny art ofem. My mindways were arl drifty tur, arn for firsters in longways I missed the sea. Marstly, thar, it was Frinkers oo made missies in my hard.

It were gartin' darkways wharn I made spotties o' the farst camolep. It mard it's way thrur the farg arnd I garv a jarmp art har tarl it were. It were nae enarf o' a jarmp tur knark me frummee branchycrotch, but it were closeways! It were jarst as the farmywife hard made descrippies. It were hurgly tarl arnd hard a neckerbone larnger tharn an arlybark! It were made coveries wi' sparts and it har a par o' antlies arn it's branbox! It made its way all lopey tur the tree. It hard the appies on it's marnd! I curd spy its tarng all drippy, it were larng tur!

I made thankies thart its een were smarl an thart it card nart appear tur see Dorkers, thart is me!, makin waities furit. It were disgusty tur see! I made oathies thart nae maer o' the farmywife's appiefruits ward be swarlerd by warn o' these camoleps!

I thart Whart karnd o' worldways is it wharn a camolep carn jurst make whate'er marnches it warnts jurst by dinties o' its larng stiltypegs and it's gapey marth when parple lark Frinkers is larst and parple like me marssesim?! I were in suddenways arngry.

As it gart all up tur the tree, the sheepywhales all in oblivies way darn near its hurves, arnd made its marth tur ope I made leapies and rarched art tur grab it's neckerbone in me arngry firsts!
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